How to choose the right bed linen

To help you create a cosy and attractive bed, we have put together this short guide

First, it's important to know the size of your mattress.This table defines the standard mattress sizes on the market.


The next step is to learn about the different elements of a standard bed linen set:


It's preferable for the fitted sheet to be the same length and width as the
mattress. For a 140x200cm mattress, you'll need a 140x200cm fitted sheet. You
also need to check the depth of the mattress to determine the fitted sheet's
cup size.

The cup should correspond to the height of the mattress, plus 5 to 7
cm for the cuff (which should be slipped under the mattress).


The flat sheet is laid over the fitted sheet and should be
larger than the mattress, so that it borders the sides of the bed.

However, the size of the flat sheet depends on your
preferences and what suits you best.


Like the flat sheet, the duvet should be larger than the mattress so that it fits around the sides of the bed.

The measurements of the duvet cover should match those of the duvet.


Pillowcases should be the same size as the pillows.

As a general rule, in a bed set, there are four pillows in two different formats: rectangular and square. This allows a play of heights and shapes on the bed.

Small boudoir pillows can be added to the standard pillows for decoration. These are usually put aside at bedtime.


The final stage in furnishing your bed is choosing the fabric for your linen. It all depends on your tastes and how the fabric makes you feel.

The material most commonly used for bed linen is cotton, of which there are several varieties:

Cotton percale: Combed cotton, the longest fibres of which are woven very tightly. It is slightly shiny, very soft and supple.

Cotton satin: A very tightly woven combed cotton. It is very soft, shiny and silky.

Cotton voile: Cotton voile is a lighter, finer fabric that gives a transparent effect.

Linen is also an option, with a natural fibre that is very hard-wearing and comfortable. It's ideal for summer, as it absorbs moisture well and stays fresh and beautiful.

At Valombreuse, we strive to offer unique bedding with a variety of embroideries. These are placed decoratively and so that you can enjoy the quality of our fabrics.